Founded since 1987 under the name of Frigo-Remorques Inc.

TRANS-F-AIR progressed year by year because of his customers and suppliers fidelity. 

Although the repair of  refrigeration system for the trucks and trailers constituted at the beginning its principal activity, the company gradually diversified his activities in some other fields as installation and reparation of air conditionning systems.

TRANS-F-AIR can also give formation to your employees (air-conditionning/heating courses). More than 30 businesses and 300 students benefits from this service.

1989 TRANS-F-AIR officialy open in St-Hubert

Since 1990, the company sets up ,in Quebec and in the Maritimes, a network parts being used to repair air-conditioning systems.

In 1994, the company develops  an expertise in air-conditioning systems installation on heavy vehicles and off road vehicules and designed air-conditioning systems for special applications.

In 1995, the company sets up a research and development department in order to answer the request, for certain applications, of his customers.

In 1998, the company won the François Robert's price decreed to the best company having known the best financial growth; She also received the medal of honor from the Quebec Government  .

In 2000TRANS-F-AIR invests in a building of 12 500 feet located near the interchange of the highway 30 and Grande-Allée boulvard at 1,5 km East to the highway 10. (See the map) It receives the Elite Eagle 2000's price in the United-State.

In 2002, the company is finalist for the Excellence prize in the Wholesale category.

In 2004, the company receives the Excellence Laureat's price, Energy Efficiency. A thanks to its research and development in air-conditionning.

In 2005, the company receives the TOP 15 WITH HONOR's price, because she was the company that has more progress for the last 15 years.

The company received the Triple Crown Award's price form Red Dot Corp esch year since 1994, this price is decreed to the best North American wholesalers.